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Custom SPAM email filter

Filter out SPAM before it hits your inbox

Recently I have noticed an increase in SPAM emails on several of Darkan Web Service’s hosted email accounts. Some of these emails are phishing emails, which try to trick you into thinking they are a legitimate service like a postal service, a bank, or a government service. 

Other SPAM emails may be offering pharmaceuticals, website services, cheap luxury goods or any variety of goods and services that you do not want or need – penis enlargement anyone?!!

  • Customisable: Let me know what sort of SPAM emails are clogging your inbox.
  • Domain Level: .ru .sex .tech .bitcoin might be an indication of SPAM email.
  • Specific Words: Don’t need emails about “Luis Vuitton”, “free opportunity”, “Canada Pharmacy”?

Ready To Start?

To create your custom SPAM filter, keep a note of the SPAM emails that you’re receiving regularly. Then send me a list – doesn’t matter how (forwarded emails or screenshots or an excel spreadsheet or a handwritten list). 

If that sounds like too much work, drop me an email to set up a visit to your home or office so that I can gather the information I need to create your custom SPAM filter.