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Email Adresses

A customised email address shows you’re serious about business. An email footer with your logo and information helps you look professional.

Your email address is one of the most important links in your business system. Create one or more email addresses that include your domain name to convey a professional image.

The old standard for a generic email address for a business was “info@yourdomain.com” or “admin@yourdomain.com” but the trendy new generic email address is “hello@yourdomain.com”.

If your organisation has different roles assigned to different members, then you could have several email addresses; for example “accounts@yourdomain.com”, “support@yourdomain.com” or “sales@yourdomain.com”.

Each member of an organisation can have their own personalised email address such as “jane@yourdomain.com” or “john.smith@yourdomain.com”.