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Website for Rural Photographer with Large Images

Caro Telfer, Photographer

image of screenshot of website featuring gum blossom in golden light with logo and phone number for Caro Telfer Photographer.

For a photographer, images are an important part of a website – actually the most important part if you think about it! So this website has large images which take up the whole width of the screen. The home screen on horizontal viewports is taken up by one big photo, creating a huge impact.

Caro Telfer, Photographer, based in rural Western Australia, posts photos onto instagram, so its a good idea to feature the instagram feed on the website, rather than duplicating them by posting the same photos on the website separately. The nine most recent Instagram photos are displayed in a grid, with buttons to allow more photos to load, or to follow the photographer on Instagram.

Caro wanted her photos to speak for themselves, so the website contains a lot of images interspersed with short blocks of text.

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