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A website designed for an engineering firm

Pederick Engineering website

Pederick Engineering is a rural engineering firm that manufactures agricultural equipment. They needed a website to show photos and descriptions with specifications of the equipment that they manufacture.

There are many pages on the website to accommodate the wide range of equipment listed. A menu down the left hand side column lists the range of equipment. Viewers can also see a visual representation of the categories of equipment under the to ‘PRODUCTS” tab.

To appeal to the agricultural industry this website features bright orange accents. The essential information in the left hand column includes opening hours and contact details, and is visible on every page

Because the prices r and specifications require updating periodically, they are available as PDF downloads. This makes it easy for office staff to edit and upload price lists.

A tiny bit of folly on this page is the animated logo in the top centre. It represents the moving parts of the manufactured equipment, specifically a rock rake.